What’s New in Whereby: New Languages, Custom Virtual Backgrounds and more

Find out what's new in Whereby including Polish, Dutch, Hindi and Italian translations, custom virtual backgrounds and Embedded SDKs.

New Languages: Polish, Dutch, Hindi & Italian

Our vision is to create a world in which anywhere works, and part of achieving that goal is to make Whereby accessible to users all around the world.

We’re delighted to announce that Whereby can now be used in four new languages, taking our total languages available to 11. Whereby can now be used Polish, Dutch, Hindi and Italian alongside our previously available languages.

Simply click on the language selector in the top right of your Whereby room or in your settings and your interface will switch to your desired language.

Want to use one of these new languages as default when embedding Whereby? Simply add one of the following parameters to your room URL:

Polish: ?lang=pl

Dutch: ?lang=nl

Hindi: ?lang=hi

Italian: ?lang=it

Available for: All Whereby Customers

Custom Virtual Backgrounds

Now you can take your customization to a whole new level with custom virtual backgrounds. As either a host or participant, you can customize your video to include any virtual background you like – whether it’s a branded background or you want to pretend you’re in the Caribbean!

To add a custom virtual background, simply choose between the following options:

  1. From any room, head to the ⚙️ and select “Effects”. Here you can upload or drag and drop whatever image you would like to use. (Available for Meetings and Embedded users)

  2. If you want to add one custom virtual background for all of your Embedded meeting participants, add the below URL parameter to your roomURL when embedding a room into your web page or app. (Available for Embedded admins)


Available for: All Whereby Customers

Embedded SDKs (Beta)

We're always looking at new ways to improve the developer experience and make it easier to integrate with Whereby. Which is why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our Whereby Embedded SDKs in Beta.

Now you have even more ways to quickly integrate customized video calls into your mobile and web apps. And your developers have more flexibility in how they choose to implement Whereby on iOS, Android and Web.

With these SDKs, you can tap into powerful features such as listening to room events and use custom buttons to send commands to the room from your application - giving you more control over the experience you want to create.

Want to try out the new SDKs? Check out the documentation to learn more.

Available for: Embedded customers

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