Off-The-Shelf vs. DIY Video Conferencing Solutions: Which One is Best?

We break down the advantages of off-the-shelf products when building video infrastructure rather than building your own solution from scratch.

The number one piece of feedback that we get from developers that end up using Whereby embedded is this: 

“We tried to build a video solution ourselves first, but eventually realized it wasn’t worth it.” 

What seems like a simple capability that a small team can build, quickly becomes a massive burden. It requires staffing, money, time, and specialized expertise –not only to get started, but to maintain and evolve in perpetuity.

But that’s not the only way.

In this interview our CEO, Øyvind Reed, and CTO, Andy Tyra, discuss how Whereby solves this problem through a low cost of ownership real-time video solution. They unpack what "low cost of ownership" means to us at Whereby and how businesses can benefit from using an embedded video call solution to add real-time video to their website, platform or app.

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