The Hunt for Freedom

We believe it shouldn’t matter where work happens.

The ability to meet with coworkers, clients and partners from anywhere, is fundamentally changing the nature of work and introducing flexibility that give people back control of their work day. According to recent research by the Harvard Business Review, almost all workers (96%) say they need a flexible workplace, but only 47% get the flexibility they need.

Flexible working allows employees to choose the location they want to work from (and often also what time they work). Whether it’s a home office, a coworking space, library or an airport - each individual knows best what works for them, and how they do their best work.

If employees are not required to be in an office between 9-5, a new world opens up where they are able to manage their day to reduce stress and conserve their energy for the important things.

We’re on a mission to give people the freedom to work and live where they thrive

Why flexible working?

For the individual, flexible working means being able to manage their own day, by being able to take meetings from anywhere. Less time has to be spent on commuting, and being able to concentrate, leading to reduced stress-levels, and more time to focus, think and grow meaningfully.

For companies, happier employees means a better work environment. Research has shown that employees who could choose to work from home, had around 20% higher productivity. Being set up for flexible working means being able to hire the best talent from anywhere, increasing the company’s chance of success. Being able to serve customers and work with partners globally can also help companies grow faster.

For society, flexible working can have to real impact. Commuting into big cities that are steadily becoming more polluted and congested is not the answer. Neither is flying across the globe for a single business meeting. Decoupling work from location makes it possible to live outside the big cities and have a fulfilling job. This can reduce housing prices, reduce pollution in cities and make smaller local communities sustainable.

It is more urgent than ever to rethink the way we organize our societies.

We’re here to reimagine the way work is done, and make it more sustainable. Our product allows people to have breakfast with their kids instead of being stuck in traffic. The tools you use at work should help you focus and aid you with doing what you need to do, instead of distracting and interrupting you. With this in mind, we built Whereby to be there when you need it, be focused on the people in the meeting and be flexible to adapt to your needs.

Living It

We are a fully flexible remote team that work hard every day to make remote collaboration more accessible and the default way of working.

Our team is now spread across 12 locations, yet works side by side every day. Some live in big cities, and some reside in smaller towns, but wherever they are, it’s where they thrive. If they decide to move, their job goes with them.

Everyone in our team enjoys the enormous benefits a flexible work policy brings, and we truly believe that the future of work will gravitate in this direction. We choose to work from the locations where we can live a fulfilling work-life-balance. Learn more about how we make flexible working work.

Want to be part of the journey?

We are always open to talk to great people who want to help us shape the future of work. Read more on our Career pages.