Say hello to 200-person rooms and 24 active videos

Enjoy even bigger and better video calls with twice as many people. Now available for free to all Embedded and Business plan customers.

Over the past few years, lots of you have been asking for larger meeting rooms to connect with more people from anywhere…

So, in 2020 we introduced 50-person meeting rooms.

Then, in 2021 we took things up a level with 100-person rooms.

That was big. But one question we’ve heard more and more recently from customers is -  ‘can you go even bigger?’. Well, today we have some news you might like.

Over the past few months, our product and engineering team have been working double time to double things once again.

So, to take things up another level in 2022, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of 200-person rooms!

But that’s not all. 

We also heard lots of feedback that you want to let more than 12 people be on camera at once. So we’ve gone one step further and doubled that limit as well from 12 → 24 active videos! 

Now you and your customers can have twice as many participants in a video call AND up to 24 people on camera at the same time.

For Embedded customers:

This means you can now let your users host even more engaging video calls in your platform.

Ideal for customers that regularly use video to connect a large number of people online, for example in Virtual Event or Online Learning platforms:

🎤 Virtual Events

This will help you boost attendance and engagement in your platforms by letting your clients host bigger events with twice as many attendees per session. Now event organizers, sponsors and attendees can interact easier with more people in one room and see more people on video at one time. 

Ideal for group networking, keynote sessions, Q&A panels and more.

🧑‍🏫 E-Learning

With 24 active videos, you can make it easier than ever for teachers to see and interact with more of their students during larger online classes for more engaging lessons.

For Business plan customers:

With these new updates, you’ll be able to host bigger meetings so fewer people miss out. And your video calls will be more interactive so you can make stronger connections - even when connecting virtually.  

Perfect for hosting larger and more engaging video calls for things like company all hands meetings, town-halls, large team catch-ups and much more.

How can you start using 24 videos and 200-person rooms?

No action required! We've already updated all meeting rooms for Embedded and Business plan customers - so you can start enjoying bigger, better video calls straight away.

Want to upgrade to the business plan or embed video calls in your platform or app? 

Sign up to Whereby Business or get started with Whereby Embedded for free today. 

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