Meet Whereby Embedded: The easiest way to add video to your product, application, or website.

Whereby Embedded gives you the power to add beautiful custom video calls to your website, product, or app in a few simple steps. We take care of everything else, from video maintenance to building new features for your customers.

Learn more about how we do it in this post.

What do a hybrid events platform, a healthcare tech company, and an education platform have in common? 

They’re all using Whereby Embedded, our video call API, to embed video meetings, consultations, classes, and more straight into their websites, products, and applications. 

And with minimal engineering effort required and a fast turnaround time, Whereby Embedded is the easiest way to integrate video meetings anywhere you need them. 

Here are just a few reasons why our customers love it: 

  • Easy to implement: Get up and running in minutes. Add a tiny piece of code to your site or product, configure how your video calls look, and launch. It’s that simple.

  • Easy to maintain: No video maintenance needed. That’s right, zero work. We take care of everything, from the video UI to the API. And our deep WebRTC knowledge means you don’t have to build the talent internally. We take care of everything for you.

  • Easy to use: Say goodbye to downloads, app installations, random links and logins. Users just click to join your Embedded meeting – it’s that simple.

Other Whereby Embedded features you’ll love include: 

  • Picture in picture

  • Screen sharing

  • Streaming (beta)

  • Recording (beta)

  • Chat and emoji reactions

  • Breakout groups

  • Waiting rooms

  • Room timer

Plus we integrate with your favorite tools like:

  • Miro

  • Google Drive

  • Trello

  • YouTube

  • Outlook

  • Slack

Safe. Secure. Honest.

And, like everything we do, Whereby Embedded is safe, secure, and 100% GDPR compliant. Plus, all meetings are encrypted which is why we’re the preferred video meetings partner for healthcare and education brands around the world. 

So whether it’s conducting patient consultations remotely or powering entire e-learning platforms, our video calling API gives your brand the confidence and ease to reach a wider audience – safely.

Security features include:

  • Built for privacy from the ground up

  • GDPR compliant

  • End-to-end encryption

  • Individual secure meeting rooms

More reasons to try Whereby Embedded

Whereby Embedded keeps the video calling experience directly on your site or in your product. It’s the number one way to add a seamless video experience for your users and our platform enables you to:

  • Keep the experience in one place, without interruptions: Don’t make users leave your website or app to join a video call on a third-party tool. Give your customers a smooth, integrated video experience and track every interaction.

  • High quality video calls at scale: Stable audio and video calls every time, from 1:1 meetings to larger group events.

  • Make it your own with customizable branding: Tailor the look and feel of your video calls so they match the rest of your branding for a more unique and integrated experience.

  • Feature rich right out of the box: Let your developers focus on your core features, we’ve got video covered. With Whereby Embedded you get a variety of great video call features from the word go.

For technical information on how Whereby Embedded works, read our Developer Guide here.

Get Whereby video, wherever you want it. Embed video meetings into your platform today, get Whereby Embedded for free.

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