The easiest way to add video calls
to your eLearning platform.

Whereby Embedded is the simple, fast way to add beautifully simple video calls to online learning and virtual classroom platforms.

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Find out features of Embedded

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Easy to implement

Get up and running in minutes and focus on delivering the best online education experiences for students and teachers. We‘ll take care of the tech and maintenance.

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Safe and secure online classrooms

Make your online classroom platform safer for staff and students with secure video calls. With Whereby Embedded, you control who can access a call and what students can do in the meeting - no more Zoombombing.

Take your online training platform to the next level

Tailor the look and feel of the video calls to match your brand and create engaging virtual classroom experiences with built-in features like online whiteboard, screen sharing, and much more.

High-quality and stable remote lessons

Poor internet connections shouldn't ruin online learning experiences. Whereby's stable and high-quality video calls make it easy for teachers and students to interact without disruptions - even in low-bandwidth areas.

Full control over your online classrooms

Control how long and when you want your online classroom to be available and open for participants. Cut down the possibility of video chats left running without anyone in it.

Deliver the best online education experiences by integrating with

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Make it yours

With our API, it’s never been simpler to integrate video and customize your setup.






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Embed code

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Save months worth of development costs

Add a few lines of code to your online classroom or elearning platform and go from zero to live video content in hours, not months. Create meaningful engagement anywhere on web and mobile apps.

Flexible Pricing Plans



Free, forever:

  • 2,000 participant minutes,
    renewed monthly
  • No additional participant minutes
  • No cloud recording & live streaming
  • Custom branding


$9.99per month

Pay as you go, including:

  • 2,000 participant minutes,
    renewed monthly
  • $0.004 per additional minute
  • Cloud Recording & Live Streaming at $0.01 per minute
  • Fully custom branding



Everything in Build, plus:

  • Custom pricing with volume discounts
  • Early access to new features
  • Technical onboarding
  • Customer Success Manager
  • HIPAA compliance

*All prices are in USD, excl. VAT

What they're saying

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Within two hours, our developer was able to implement more than he had in the eight months prior with Agora.

Andrew Mowat, Co-Founder at EduSpark

Frequently asked questions

  • Where are Whereby’s servers located?

    We operate a global infrastructure of video routers distributed across the world, and users will be automatically routed to the closest available one to them. This means that e.g. users in a European country, will connect to a data center physically located within the EEC.

  • Do users need to download an app to join meetings?

    No, your users can join meetings without downloading an app. Video calls happen within your platform.

  • Is Whereby secure?

    All of our meetings are encrypted. We take privacy and security extremely seriously. Read our privacy policy for more information.

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