Level-up Your Meetings with Embedded Video. Here’s How to Get Started with Whereby.

Whereby Embedded makes it easy to embed video meetings directly in your app or site. Here’s what you need to know.

Maybe you want to make it easy for customers to join a consultation with your team. Perhaps you want to be able to offer convenient demos. Or maybe you’re eager to host virtual or hybrid events.

Regardless of the specifics, you know this much: You want to embed video meetings directly into your website or within your app. Doing so will make things more straightforward and streamlined for your prospects, customers, and your own team. But to get there, you have this question: Where do you start?

Whereby Embedded makes it completely painless to embed video conferencing into your own platform. Here’s how:

Why embedded video meetings are your best move

You might already be convinced that embedded video calls are a must (at least, we’d like to think so). But, in case you need one more nudge in the right direction, there are several compelling reasons why an embedded meeting is superior to using an external platform: 

  1. Increased accessibility: If a customer is eager to speak to someone on your team, the last thing you want is for that process to be clunky and cumbersome. If they need to click a random link, navigate to an entirely different site, or download software, you run the risk of losing them entirely. Embedding video conferencing removes those barriers and allow you to meet customers, clients, and even patients right where they are – no hoop-jumping required.

  2. Improved customer experience: When 90% of respondents say that customer service is important to their choice of and loyalty to a brand, you can’t afford anything that’s lackluster or frustrating. Embedded video calls provide a much simpler and more efficient experience and set the right tone with anyone your company interacts with.

  3. Consistent branding: Ask yourself this: When your customers join a video call, do you want them to experience your brand? Or the brand of whatever video platform you’re using? You’ve worked hard on building an identity for your company and embedded video meetings can be customized to match your branding. Goodbye, jarring logos and competing color schemes. 

  4. Engaging interactions: There are a number of other ways you could interact with your customers – like live chat or even a phone call. But, since video conversations display audiovisual cues, studies show that they’re far more engaging and lead to richer interactions when compared with other methods. 

How to make embedded video meetings (seriously) easy

The advantages of embedded video conferencing are undeniable. Now let’s talk about the next hurdle: How to embed video calls in your own website or app.

Our answer is pretty short: Whereby Embedded. Our simple video calling API makes embedding video conferencing a breeze. Have more questions about how it works and what you can expect? We have answers.

1. How does Whereby Embedded work?

You’ll need to start by signing up for the Whereby Embedded product. Once you’re signed up, you can create a meeting by sending an HTTP request to Whereby’s servers from your server, getting a secret API key, and then embedding a meeting in your website or app within an iFrame. If you want to get into the nitty gritty, we cover everything you or your dev team might need to know in our developer guide.

2. How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on participant minutes. It’s a simple calculation that uses the number of participants, the time they are in the meeting, and how many meetings you are holding. Rest assured that there are no set-up fees or licenses. While commitments are annual, packages can be billed on a flexible monthly basis according to your usage, making Whereby Embedded a great fit video conferencing service for startups and scaling companies.

3. How many participants can join a call?

You can have up to 100 participants per meeting, but we’re currently working to grow this number. You can also have 10 breakout rooms (we plan to increase this to 20 soon) and the quality of every single video call is 720p. So, no more videos that are grainy or make you feel like you’re looking through a sheet of wax paper. 

4. Can I customize the branding?

Absolutely! Because the video is embedded in an iFrame on your site or in your app, you have complete creative control over what the UI looks like. You can also use the URL parameters to include or exclude certain features of Whereby – like screen sharing and chat. 

5. Is Whereby Embedded secure?

We’re serious about security. We’re GDPR compliant and we store as little data as possible. We don’t store any video, audio, or information about who specific participants are. However, you will be able to see how many participants joined a call and for how long. 

6. What if I get stuck or need help? 

One of the biggest benefits of Whereby Embedded is how quick you can get up and running – we’ve had some partners start hosting meetings within as little as two days. And, we’re here to help every step of the way. When you sign up for an annual plan, you get personalized onboarding and a dedicated account manager. 

7. Why should I go with Whereby Embedded?

We do more than help you host video meetings – we make it easy for you to do so. We’re constantly finding ways to make the meeting experience as smooth as possible for you and your users and that hard work has paid off. Need proof? We’re consistently named as number one in the “Easiest to Use for Video Conferencing” category by G2. 

Level up with embedded video meetings

Not all video meetings are created equal. Requiring customers and users to install a plugin, download software, or click a link that looks like you sat on your keyboard? Those are all roadblocks in the way of more positive relationships (and ultimately, more revenue). 

Embedded video conferencing provides a simple and streamlined way for people to interact with your brand – whether that’s through consultations, demos, events, or more. 

After all, we can tell you this much from experience: The easier you make it for customers to reach out, the more likely they are to actually do so. 

Ready to get started?Take your platform to the next level and add video meetings to your platform for free with Whereby Embedded.

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