Why you should embed video calls in your app

Embedded video is getting more common day by day. Keep reading to see why you should think about adding it to your app – and how Whereby can help.

Embedded video is on the rise. Soon, it’ll be as widely used as onsite payment systems, chatbots, or any of the other fancy integrated services we enjoy most days. And as widely-loved as puppies. So it might be a worthwhile thing to think about at your company.

Embedding video in your app can be surprisingly easy and cost-effective. Plus, it creates a better experience for your users or customers, too – which is usually good for business.

In this post, we’ll show you the benefits of using Whereby Embedded as your in-app video partner. We promise you this: you’ll never have to send customers to an external video call platform again. Scout’s honour.

Add video to your app

Quick to implement

With Whereby Embedded, it only takes a few hours to get your in-app video up and running. Just pop in a simple iframe, then you’re away. But don’t take our word for it...

“This is really impressive – from zero to working implementation in three hours. Great concept, solid documentation, everything ‘just works’. Very rare in the web dev world of 2021.”

– Erno Palonheimo, developer, minduu

We’re with Erno on this one.

Secure, one-time meeting rooms

Whereby Embedded creates a room for each meeting then deletes it after, so you don’t have to worry about people accessing rooms after a meeting’s finished. Each room has a unique URL, which stops unwanted visitors from popping in.

We do the hard work

We have years of WebRTC expertise, so you and your developers don't have to worry about complex maintenance. Plus, we’re constantly developing new features and improvements, so Whereby keeps getting better.

Fully customizable

Embedded comes with all the Whereby functionality people love, like screen sharing, chat, integrations (with Miro, Trello, YouTube, and more), plus emoji reactions. You can also add or remove functionality as needed, including video, audio, screenshare, chat, ‘leave’ button, and custom backgrounds.

Friendly pricing

We charge you based on the number of participants in a meeting, no matter how long the meeting lasts. Which we think is a pretty good deal.

In-depth analytics

Using Embedded for your in-app meetings means you’ll know lots more about your users compared to other video services. Like whether a meeting happened, how long it lasted for, how many people took part, and when they joined and left. A mouthwatering smorgasbord of information that you can use to deliver better service.

Totally secure and compliant

European privacy standards are at the heart of our product (blame it on our Norwegian roots). We’ll handle the security and encryption, ensuring your in-app video’s always fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Customers love it

You don’t need to download an app to use Whereby, and you don’t have to teach people how to use it. It just works. When people enjoy something, they’re more likely to come back to it. So by integrating Embedded, your customers will be even more loyal than before.

Try Whereby Embedded for free today.

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