What’s New in Whereby: Viewer Mode, New Dev Docs and more.

This month we’ve got a very special feature to share which we know will be a game changer for many of our users! Keep reading to find out more.

Viewer Mode in Beta 

Viewer Mode makes it easier for you to host webinar-like sessions in Whereby! 🚀

We know many of you have been waiting for this feature and we are excited to share that we have rolled out the first version in Beta for Whereby Embedded users. 

This is perfect for hosting calls with larger audiences without all the hassle of switching cameras and mics off or awkward moments on stage. 

Now, participants can join without giving access to their mic or camera on. And as a host you have more control over what’s going on in the room.

Say goodbye 👋 to awkward interruptions and say hello to smooth webinars! 

Read more about it in Launch Notes

Available to: Whereby Embedded users [Beta]

New and Improved Dev Docs 

We launched our new developer docs! 🌟 With a new look and feel, the dev docs are now easier to navigate and search in. Did I also mention there’s new helpful content as well? Find everything you need to get started with Whereby Embedded and all the resources you need to manage your video call integration. 

Chat Mentions 

Wanted to catch the attention of individuals in the chat but weren’t sure how to nudge them? Well now you can tag people in the room using @ mentions. It’s as easy as that! 

Once you’ve tagged an individual they will receive a notification in the chat and tab on the browser. Find out what it’ll look like here

Raised Hand for Embedded 

Raised Hand is now available to all Embedded users as well! This handy feature (see what we did there) makes it easier for hosts to manage large group video calls and keep conversations flowing smoothly. 

It’s the perfect feature for teachers and students during their online classes, panelists and attendees during virtual events or if someone in your meeting wants to make a remark without interrupting the speaker awkwardly.

Nothing needs to be done, it’s all available and ready to use right now. Find more info on Launch notes.

Available to: All Whereby users 

Want to see what’s possible with Whereby Embedded? Try it for free today.

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