Whereby Certified with ISO27001 Security Certification

We’re happy to announce that we are certified with the ISO 27001 certification. Keep reading to find out the needs of our customers are met.

We’re happy to announce that we are certified with the ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognised standard that ensures the needs of our customers are met and an adequate program is in place to oversee information security risk management as well as data protection. Keep reading to find out more.

Information security is a field that is continuously evolving. Keeping ourselves up to date with new technologies and threats is crucial to maintaining and growing not only our business, but also our customers' businesses. The ISO 27001 gives us a strong foundation in security policies, processes and procedures to support our continuous adaptation to new threats. 

What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 is the leading international standard focused on information security risk management. The certification demonstrates the team’s commitment to properly manage information security risk and continuously improve the product and service to meet industry requirements. The fully remote team underwent an extensive company-wide auditing process that was prefaced by an internal and external gap assessment, numerous cross-functional initiatives and concluded with the mandatory ISO 27001 stage 1 and stage 2 audits.

Whereby was awarded the certification in February 2022 by Kiwa AS, an accredited certification body based in Norway, within six months after starting the process. This was only possible with the direct support of the Whereby Executive Management team as well cross functional initiatives to which all areas of the business contributed to. Our principle of being ethically ambitious enabled us to prioritize accordingly and not sacrifice quality and thoroughness over the actual result.

Accredited ISO 27001 certification in February 2022 by Kiwa AS. Accreditation MSYS 004.

Secure Video Meetings  

Gaining this certification demonstrates and reinforces Whereby’s commitment to strive for industry excellence and continue to build a product that protects users and their data. 

Our customers want a low TCO solution to enable them to operate a video solution on their own platform. We are confident that the ISO 27001 certification and our future efforts around maturing our security posture will provide more certainty and trust for our customers to rely on our services, given that security is an essential part of the TCO that must be factored in.

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