Whereby Most Worthy Software in Video Conference by Saasworthy

We are thrilled to be awarded Top 3 Most Worthy Software in Video Conference for Q1 2022 by Saasworthy. 🎉 Keep reading to find out more.

Saasworthy is committed to recognize and showcase the best SaaS products globally. Their algorithm uses over half a million data points to find the winner for each category. We are so humbled for being recognised as Most Worthy Software in Video Conferencing along with Highly Rated Software, Fastest Growing Software and Most Popular Software. And we couldn’t have done it without you, our customers, and your feedback! So we’d like to say thank you! 

Worthy Software in Video Conferencing 

Whereby is not only easy to use, it’s easy to embed on your website or directly in your product or application. Our video calling API, Whereby Embedded, allows you to embed Whereby video calls directly into your app or website in just minutes. There’s also no ongoing video maintenance. With our deep experience and WebRTC knowledge you don’t have to spend time or costs building video internally. What could take years to build, simply takes a couple of minutes to add to your platform or app. 

And the best part? Our video meetings are feature rich, so you don’t have to spend extra time adding the features or customization you need for your customers. Teachers can keep their students engaged using the Miro whiteboard integration, doctors can share their screens to show graphs or diagrams with their patients, and digital event hosts can use Breakout Groups for brainstorming sessions and more intimate coffee chats.

You just need to find where you want to embed your video. 

Want to embed Whereby into your platform? Get Whereby Embedded for free today.

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