How to Set Up Viewer Mode

We show you how to set up Viewer Mode using the Whereby Embedded API. Viewer Mode is ideal for virtual events, webinars or calls where some participants do not need to use their video or microphone.

Do you want to set up video call sessions where not everyone has access to use their microphone or camera?

Our Viewer Mode is designed for just that. Using Whereby Embedded, our real-time video API, you can create meeting rooms where participants can join as “viewers”. This means they don’t have access to enable their camera or microphone, they can observe the call and join in via the live chat and emoji reactions.

This is perfect for webinars, virtual events or any situation where you have an audience.

When you set up a room using Viewer Mode, it will be created in “group” mode (our larger room size). These rooms can have up to 200 hosts or participants (who can use their camera and mic with up to 24 on camera at once), however when you enable Viewer Mode you can have an additional 400 viewers on top of this for a total of 600 viewers, hosts and participants.

Watch below to find out how to set up Viewer Mode using Whereby Embedded.

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