How to Add Video Conferencing to Your Website in 3 Easy Steps

How can you build a better customer experience? By making your customers' lives easier. Read more below.

Colors, logos, and font.

That’s what most people think of when they think of building a brand.

But that’s not what makes your brand memorable or exciting for your customers. Your brand captures everything about how someone does business with you, from the very first time they hear your name to their latest purchase. 

In other words, it’s your customer experience that defines your brand. 

Data backs this up. Leading in customer experience helps companies outperform their competitors by 80%, according to Forrester. And 90% of customers trust a company when the service is rated “very good.”

So how can you build a better customer experience? By making your customers' lives easier. In today’s digitally connected era, embedding video conferencing directly within your website or app gives you a powerful, seamless customer experience. 

Whereby Embedded does exactly that, adding beautiful custom video calls to your website, product, or app in just a few simple steps:

How to add video conferencing to your website

Once you’ve purchased Embedded, set up is quick and easy. Just follow these instructions to embed your video meeting:

  1. Embedded runs on a Rest API, which requires an API key. Find this key in the “Embedded” section of your dashboard.

  2. Create a meeting with a HTTP request containing your API key sent from your server to Whereby’s. The response contains a roomUrl.

  3. Use that roomURL to embed a meeting in your website or app with an iframe. The iframe’s src attribute is specified as the roomUrl. From there, you can customize the meeting – with specific brand colors, allowing chat or screenshare, or building breakout groups, for example – with URL parameters in the iframe.

You can copy and paste this code directly, once you fill in the variables from steps 1 and 2:

<iframe src="" allow="camera; microphone; fullscreen; speaker; display-capture"></iframe>

We also offer a web component that will allow you to embed a Whereby room in any webpage. It provides a more readable integration, and we’ve also exposed local client events that are sent from the room to the component.

To use Embedded in a mobile app on Android or iOS, check out this how-to guide.

How our customers use Embedded to give their customers a better experience

Whether it’s conducting patient consultations remotely or powering entire eLearning platforms, our video calling API gives your brand the confidence and ease you need to reach a wider audience – safely.

Successful digital events

For companies like Onemotion, Whereby Embedded helps them offer world-class virtual event experiences and help them grow their operations without adding substantial costs. 

“We needed something that was completely integrated. We knew we couldn’t export people out of the platform when it came to offering video functionality, because that would take them out of the experience. We’ve done everything from recruitment events to product launches to virtual management meetings and traditional conferences. We’re ramping up access to 65 markets in the next 18 months, and by the end of next year, we should be holding thousands of events per month.” - Onemotion CEO Mats Mileblad

To date, they have successfully run 350 virtual events for their clients, including Women in Tech, Dell Technologies, and Oriflame – including one event with over 42,500 attendees in 130 countries.

Seamless, secure customer communication

Whereby Embedded gives your customers a way to experience your brand that feels seamless and is entirely secure. 

That’s why Oslo University Hospital, which sees more than 1.2 million patients each year, uses Whereby Embedded for their telehealth care. While COVID-19 forced the healthcare team to completely rethink how they approach patient care, using a secure video conferencing tool gave them the freedom to continue important initiatives, particularly for chronically ill patients.

“It’s been a really great experience to be able to introduce this solution that’s so widely embraced by the clinicians. We’ve been able to maintain healthcare services [even throughout the pandemic.] I have been to meetings where I’ve presented Whereby and talked about how we’re using it, and I’ve gotten applause. It had what we needed in order to actually provide the healthcare services at the level of quality our clinicians desired.” - Kaia Spilhaug Torkildsen, Oslo University Hospital’s strategic advisor

It’s been so successful that by 2030, the hospital aims to have 30% of all treatments carried out through digital services. 

Branded customer experiences you can set up in minutes

You can get up and running with Whereby in minutes, making it easy for you to focus on what matters: your customers. eLearning company Learnlink bring fun and interactivity into the learning environment, with video chat-based lesson plans with built-in features like online whiteboard and screen sharing so everyone can participate.

“It was one line of code and then we were all set...At the pace we’re moving, it sometimes feels like we’re building the car as we’re driving, but partnering with Whereby gives us the confidence to keep our foot on the gas.” - Tellef Tveit, Co-founder at Learnlink

With Whereby, they’ve created much more integrated real-time experiences for their students – and have reduced their costs, allowing their developers to focus on better educational experiences, not playing around with video format and webrtc.

Whereby Embedded builds better customer experiences, anywhere

Whereby Embedded is the easiest way to add video calling to your website or platform. Get up and running in minutes, not months so your team is free to focus on what they know best – your business.

Embed video meetings into your platform for free today.

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