Introducing Session Transcriptions for Whereby Embedded

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to our Whereby Embedded offering, bringing a crucial feature to customers using Cloud Recording: Session Transcriptions.

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to our Whereby Embedded offering, bringing a crucial feature to customers using Cloud Recording: Session Transcriptions. This update addresses the increasing need for accessible and efficient session content analysis, especially in the fields of telehealth and elearning where documentation and compliance are critically important.

Using automatic Session Transcriptions comes with two main advantages:

  • Enhanced engagement: Meeting participants can engage fully in the session without the distraction of note-taking, allowing for more focused interactions.

  • Accurate documentation: A documented transcript aids in precise follow-ups and accountability by providing a reliable reference.

As a company with a mission to create a world in which anywhere works, we serve customers around the globe. At the moment of writing, our Session Transcriptions feature supports 16 languages, and we expect that number to grow.

Generating Session Transcriptions

After a session is recorded using Whereby-hosted cloud recording — a feature we released last year — a transcription of the session can be generated either manually or programmatically.

Manual Session Transcriptions

You can access all session recordings saved in Whereby-provided storage through the “Recordings” page of your customer portal. Find the session that you want to transcribe and choose the "Start transcription" option from the Actions column.

Transcribing may take some time, particularly for recordings exceeding 30 minutes in length. Once the transcript is prepared, it can be downloaded as an .md text file.

Programmatic transcriptions

If you prefer to do this programmatically, that’s possible as well. You can hook onto the recording.finished event, and send a POST /transcriptions request with the recordingId to start the transcription job. More information can be found in the new Transcribing Sessions section in our Developer Docs.


Transcriptions in Whereby Embedded are a supplementary feature, and are priced at $0.024 for each minute of the transcribed recording.

Note that you need to be a user of our Cloud Recording and Whereby-Provided Storage features in order to be able to generate Session Transcriptions. For more information, be sure to have a look at our Pricing page.

Furthermore, you can check the usage of Whereby transcriptions for your current billing term in the Subscription section of your customer portal.

Our commitment to security and privacy

We prioritize data security and privacy. Just like with our cloud recording functionality, our transcription service maintains strict data protection standards, ensuring the confidentiality of all discussions. It’s worth pointing out that transcriptions are not enabled automatically, but are made available on an opt-in basis. As a Whereby customer, you keep complete control over whether you want to enable this feature for your users or not.

Coming soon: AI-Powered Session Summaries and more

At Whereby, we recognize the increasing needs of our customers to have contextualized, actionable, and privacy-respecting insights into the conversations that take place in their products. While we believe that transcriptions of session recordings can already open up new possibilities for your apps and services, we are not stopping there.

In fact, we’re excited to announce that Whereby Session Summaries are already available for Beta testing for customers of paid Embedded plans. You can start start turning the content of Whereby sessions into meeting notes, clinical documentation and educational material with the power of AI. Fill out this Typeform to receive an invitation to this closed pilot (terms and conditions apply).

Furthermore, here are some of the other enhancements and features we’re planning for future releases:

  • Session Transcriptions without the need to record

  • Accurate labeling of speakers in the transcript

  • Clinical notes in standardized formats such as SOAP, BIRP, DAP

  • HIPAA compliance for session content insights

  • APIs for easy integration with 3rd party speech-to-text and speech understanding services

If that sounds interesting and you want to stay informed about the latest developments at Whereby, make sure to subscribe to our Product Updates.

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