Up your holiday celebration with a festive virtual dinner party

There’s no reason you can’t break bread with your friends this festive season. Here are our top tips for making a festive virtual dinner party with Whereby.

This year, the holiday season looks different for all of us. And with food playing such a huge part in everyone’s annual celebrations, we’re also adjusting to the fact that we won’t be able to enjoy a good meal in the company of people we care about. Or, at least, not as we know it.

Instead, throw a virtual dinner party and celebrate the holidays together, from wherever you are. Here are six ways we like to do it:


Make cooking together the central part of your virtual dinner party. Gather your guests in your Whereby room and cook up a feast together.

Go all out with a three-course meal. You can also keep it simple. It’s hard to go wrong with pizza. Make sure your guests prep ahead of time so everyone’s ready once your meeting begins. If you don’t fancy planning ahead, you can also order a meal delivery kit instead.

Make it personal

“It’s always nicer to give than receive” is something we’re used to hearing during the holidays. And in keeping with that same spirit, consider sharing a family recipe with your group, and get everyone to do the same.

Not only will you all get to learn something new, you’ll also get to experience a taste of someone else’s festive traditions.

Get in the festive mood

Setting the mood for your virtual dinner party doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a few minutes to set your table, string up some fairy lights, a birthday banner, or some Christmas decorations, and maybe light a candle or two. It’ll help everyone get into the spirit of things.

Hit play

Put together a playlist with songs you would all like to hear, and use the audio share feature in your Whereby room to make sure your dinner party has a shared soundtrack. It’s a simple, effective way to make you all feel closer together.

Be prepared

It’s been a big year, so there’ll definitely be a lot to catch up on during your virtual dinner party. Before it starts, spend a little time prepping drinks and snacks. That way you won’t have to run off to the kitchen halfway through a great story.

It’s playtime

After the dinner has been demolished, it’s time for activities. This year you’ll have to forgo the physical board games, but you can always play the classics online — Pictionary or 2 truths and a lie are Whereby favorites. Or, if games aren’t your thing, do an after-dinner cocktail workshop, or hit the ‘Share’ button in your video meeting to stream YouTube videos together.

With Whereby there’s just a single click between you and hours of festive fun with your friends and family. Start planning now!

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