Take a break, the virtual way

Planned a getaway but can’t get away right now? No fear. Make it virtual instead.

“I need a vacation” is a refrain we’re hearing here, there, and everywhere right now. Unfortunately, for most of us, grabbing our passport and hitting the departure lounge isn’t on the cards. Our solution? A virtual getaway on Whereby, where everyone is invited.

Choose your destination

The most magical thing about an at-home getaway is not having to worry about a budget. Stay close to home, or choose a far-flung location that’s been top of your bucket list. Stuck for inspiration? Open up Google Maps to find somewhere new to explore.

Select your soundtrack

Nothing sets the scene faster than a spot-on soundtrack. Wherever you're headed, fire up Spotify and find a playlist that captures the essence of your destination. If you’re off to Jamaica, you can’t go wrong with some Dub essentials or Lovers Rock hits. Visiting the Highlands in Scotland? Try a touch of ceilidh music. And if your dream destination is the Appalachian Mountains you’ll want to blast out some bluegrass. Don’t forget to use the audio share feature in your Whereby room, so it’s a journey everyone can join.

On the nose

Whether it’s the earthy smell of eucalyptus that reminds you of the Australian bush or citrus zest that takes you to the heart of Sorrento on a hot summer’s day, getting the scent of the room right makes all the difference. Not only does it kick-start one of your most powerful, memory-triggering senses into action, it’s also an easy way to create a shared experience with loved ones far away. If everyone has the same candle, you’re all immersed in the same scent, wherever you are.

Taste the world

It’s not a getaway unless you’re getting stuck into the local cuisine. Whether you decide to cook a Cretan Easter banquet (fire-roasted lamb and all), or order food delivery for all the family, sharing a meal can easily be the centerpiece of your virtual getaway.

Dress for the weather

You might not be filling your suitcase with your favorite trunks or snorkel gear. However, there’s no rules that say you can’t wear them on your virtual retreat (pool inflatable optional, but encouraged). If you’re heading to a colder climate, dig out the ski goggles, mitts, wooly jumper, and maybe a warm beverage or two. You can dress up your Whereby room as well. Personalize the background so when everyone joins they can get into the holiday spirit.


There’s always room for activities on a Whereby virtual retreat. Keep it chill with a trip to the spa (where everyone indulges themselves), or get everyone up and moving with hula dancing lessons using the YouTube integration feature. Or if kicking back and relaxing is more your style, stream a video or movie to watch together.

Virtual vacation checklist

1. Invite loved ones to your Whereby room through a personalized invite

2. Decorate your Whereby room

3. Share and listen to music to fit the mood

4. Light candles or incense

5. Change your outfit or use the Snapcam filter

6. Get some destination-specific snacks or drinks ready

Bring everyone together from wherever you are with your very own virtual retreat. With just one click, you can invite your loved ones into your Whereby room and transform your holidays into a virtual get away.

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