What’s New in Whereby: Google Calendar Add-on, Shared Rooms and More

What’s new in Whereby? We’ve rounded up all the latest features and updates right here. Keep reading for more.

Wondering what’s new in Whereby? Well it’s been a big couple of months and we have lots of new features and updates to share including a brand new add-on for Google Calendar, Shared Rooms, updated notifications and much more. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about how we’re improving our product for you 🧐

Google Calendar Add-on

Need to schedule a virtual meeting? Wouldn't it be great if you could automatically add your Whereby room link to your calendar invites? Great news! Now you can with our new Google Calendar Add-on

You and your meeting guests can easily join your Whereby room in just one click straight from the Google Calendar event – no more lost links or back-and-forth scheduling.

You can try the add-on now right here. 

Shared Rooms for Business Customers

Whereby business plan customers, this one’s just for you! Now you can create unlimited Shared Rooms alongside your personal meeting rooms – at no extra cost. It’s perfect for internal meetings like regular team catch-ups, daily stand-ups, coffee breaks, or bigger company meetings like town halls.

Here's why you'll love Shared Rooms:

  • Controlled access without delays. Now you can create rooms where meetings can be joined and hosted by someone other than the room owner/creator. That means your team members can have meetings without waiting around even if the host is late or can't make the call.

  • Create multiple meeting rooms without having to create new individual profiles or user accounts – at no extra cost!

  • Different rooms for different needs. Now you've got more flexibility in choosing which room link to share with different people both inside and outside of your company.

Quick Actions 

Make video meetings flow better with new Quick Actions. These handy shortcuts are just a click away in the corner of your video and include features like spotlight, maximize, and pop-out.

So whatever you’re looking for, it’s now only a split second away.

Connection Quality Indicators

Nothing ruins the flow of a video call like a bad internet connection. Pixelated faces, frozen screens, delayed audio – we’ve all been there, right? But sometimes there’s no way of knowing if the laggy video calls are because of your internet connection or someone else's.

With Connection Quality Indicators, now you’ll know for sure. These handy indicators now show up whenever your connection is unstable. 

So the next time your screen starts to freeze, hold off on rebooting. If you don’t see Whereby’s poor connection icons over your video, you’re good to go (at least on your end).

Favicon Notifications 🛎

Ever find yourself browsing other tabs or apps while waiting for someone to join a video call? Here’s something that’ll help make sure you don’t leave them stranded in your waiting room.

With favicon notifications, you’ll now know when someone is knocking on your room even if you’re away from it. How exactly? A small red dot now appears on the favicon (the small logo/icon in your browser tab) whenever someone knocks and you're not looking at the meeting tab. 

Super useful for getting your attention when you have your sound turned off or headphones unplugged!

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Ready to try out these new features and more? Learn more about Whereby and get started right here.

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