How I Host Better, More Productive Meetings with Picture in Picture

Find out which Whereby feature Rory, our Director of Product Marketing, loves the most for hosting better, more productive meetings.


My name is Rory and I’m the Director of Product Marketing at Whereby 👋

I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite Whereby features, which just happens to be one of my top tips for hosting better, more productive meetings.

Say hello to Picture in Picture

It’s called Picture in Picture and is available for free to all of our users on both our Meetings and Embedded products. You can find it in any Whereby video call in the top right corner of your room. 

So what is it?

When you click on ‘Picture in Picture’ a small box pops out showing the other participants in your video call, which you can move around on your screen to wherever suits you best.

Doing so allows you to navigate away from the video meeting on your browser, while still keeping an eye on everything that’s happening in the call. 

I use this feature all the time to keep virtual meetings productive, whether that’s when I’m looking up performance numbers to answer a data question for the marketing team, or to review and collaborate on Notion pages with another Whereby team member.

But my absolute favorite use case for Picture in Picture is screen sharing 👇

Presentations made easy

Ever have to present to the rest of your company or team over video? 

Before we launched Picture in Picture, I’d share my screen and wouldn’t be able to see anyone else. The problem was that I couldn’t see their reactions, so had no idea whether people were engaged with what I was saying – or if anyone had questions or comments during the presentation.

Now, with Picture in Picture, I can see everyone else on the call. And – even better – I can also see emoji reactions, so I can tell if people are agreeing, disagreeing, laughing, or if they want to raise their hand and make a point.

It’s been an absolute game changer for internal team meetings at Whereby, and is also much-loved by our Sales team when they’re pitching to potential new customers.

Give it a try! The next time you’re in a Whereby call, take Picture in Picture for a test drive and let us know what you think. Test it out here.

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