What’s New in Whereby: New React Button, Insights Suite API and more.

In May we launched the new Insights Suite API, new React button, iOS changes and more. Keep reading to get more details.

Separate Reactions from the Chat Button

Love the reactions but don’t want to use the Chat? 

Now you can separate the two. Use one or the other, or use them together.

The choice is all yours! It’s a great option when you only want to use Whereby’s react and raised hand feature whilst using your own chat feature.

The new react button also serves as a shortcut for using Raised Hand. Users can simply click the React button to Raise or lower their hand rather than hovering over the other emojis. 

Want to enable the React button? Simply go to your Embedded Dashboard, go to Configure → Features and turn the toggle on for Show "React" button. This will turn the new React button on for all of your meeting rooms.

Available for: Embedded customers

Set avatars for participants

This feature is one for our Embedded customers. You can personalize your participants’ video call experience with custom avatars. 

What are custom avatars exactly? 

If one of your users has uploaded an image to their profile in your platform, you can now mirror that image in their profile picture/avatar in your Embedded video calls. 

This will make your video calls even more personalized and your calls will feel even more integrated with your platform. 

If your user has their camera turned off, their image will be shown in their video call tile instead. 

This is a nice feature for students using an eLearning platform🧑‍🎓 or hosts, speakers or attendees using a virtual events platform 🎤

Read more about custom avatars here

Available for: Embedded customers

Insights Suite API 

In March we launched the Insights Suite. And now we’re releasing the API for Insights Suite. 

Now you can get your video call data wherever and whenever you want it. You can pull your room and session data programmatically into your own systems and workflows. This is ideal for things like billing, operations, or even creating an analytics dashboard of your own.

Available for: Embedded customers

Read more about Insights Suite API here

iOS enhancements and new effects

Apple is constantly updating iOS with shiny new features, and so are we with our iOS app.

Recently we’ve added support for a bunch of useful improvements to the Whereby iOS app with new setting options for camera and microphone effects. So you have access to more of the same familiar features you use on Facetime, but now in your Whereby calls as well 😊

Next time you have a Whereby call on your iPhone or iPad, you can make use of things like:

  • Portrait mode: blurs your background to keep the focus on you

  • Mic modes: helps you be heard loud and clear by filtering out background sounds

  • Center Stage (iPad only): keeps you in the picture even as you move around

You can turn these new modes on|off from the pre-call screen and in your room settings.

Available for: All Whereby users

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