Introducing Breakout Groups

The easiest way to team up, break out, and collaborate.

We’re super excited to announce our latest feature for Whereby. It’s called Breakout Groups – and it’s completely free for all Whereby users. Like you. And you. And… you get the picture.

More than ever, workshops, lectures and conferences are happening online. So it's never been more important to combine bigger (often one-way) meetings with smaller, collaborative sessions.

Breakout Groups lets hosts on all price plans start breakout sessions where participants can split into smaller groups. Perfect for working with your team or classmates, or hanging out with friends.

You can find Breakout Groups right now by hovering over the ‘People’ button in a Whereby meeting. Keep scrolling for some handy breakout tips.

Here’s why you’ll love Breakout Groups

Lightning fast

Create breakouts in seconds. Just drag the names of each participant into a group, use our auto-assign feature, or give participants the option to do it themselves.

Meeting within a meeting

Say goodbye to pop-ups and mystery windows. Breakouts happen within your main meeting, so participants always know what's happening.

Let your creative juices flow

Smart integrations with Miro, Trello, YouTube and more are just a tap away. So you can easily get to work on the important stuff – without leaving the room.

Make it yours

Name your breakouts to match the occasion. Work event? Lobby, bar and main hall. House party? Kitchen, lounge and garden. Or anything else you can dream of.

Together when it matters

End breakouts at any time to bring everyone back to the meeting. Or go onstage to talk or send a chat message to everyone at once. You’re in control.

Meet with 50 people

Say goodbye to four-person meeting limits. We’ve supersized Whereby for Free and Pro users, so you can enjoy meetings with up to 50 people.

There’s a 45-minute time limit for Free users when three or more people on the call, but two-person meetings are unlimited. So you can chat to your heart’s content.

Try Whereby for free

No long meeting links or pass codes for attendees. Just a simple, personal URL and a beautifully-designed, clean space to get stuff done.

Ready to see for yourself?

Try Breakout Groups for free

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