Introducing Background Effects, Noise Reduction & HD Mode from Whereby.

Your Meetings Just Got a Major Upgrade.

It’s been a busy month at Whereby where we’ve been working hard to improve the quality of each and every one of your video calls. 

While it’s already super easy to meet colleagues, customers and friends over Whereby, we wanted the experience to feel premium too. We’ve been listening to your feedback and I’m excited to announce that we’ve launched a set of exciting new features to upgrade your overall experience with Whereby. 

What’s new?

  • Put the focus on you with Background Effects

  • Keep background noise at bay with Noise Reduction 

  • Take your video quality to the next level with HD Mode

The best part? We’re making these features available for free to all of our users across Whereby Meetings and Whereby Embedded

Read on for more details or log into your Whereby account to check out all the latest updates. 

Background Effects

Meet the finishing touch to your video call setup. Our new background effects (aka virtual backgrounds) mean you can join a call from anywhere while still maintaining a professional look and feel to your video calls, with an added layer of privacy.

You can now choose between a ‘Light blur’, ‘Strong blur,’ or any of our carefully curated background images to keep the focus on you – not your surroundings. Perfect for when you’re joining a call from a spare (sometimes messy) bedroom or busy cafe.

Head to Settings the next time you’re in a Whereby room and open Effects to try out the options. Or simply hover over the camera button to choose and use your background effect even faster.

Read more here.

Noise Reduction

Whether it’s roadwork, noisy home appliances, or chatty coworkers, background noise can really mess with your flow if you’re mid-presentation or you’re having an important conversation over video.  

With our slick new Noise Reduction feature, distracting background noises are now a thing of the past. Turn this feature on to enjoy crisp audio quality on your video call, so your guests will be able to hear you – and only you.

Learn more here.

HD Mode

You can now choose to host your meetings over HD video, creating a clearer, more professional experience for you and your guests. 

This setting may take up extra resources on your computer, so keep an eye on meeting stability, but it’s easy to switch on and off whenever you need to. You can find this feature in the ‘Video & Audio’ section of your Settings page.  

Ready to get started with all of these brand new features and more? Try Whereby Meetings and Whereby Embedded today. Learn more here.

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