How to Start your first Whereby meeting

Start your first Whereby video meeting in just 3 simple steps, with no downloads and the same meeting link every time.

1. Sign up or log in

Whereby is a password free zone. Use an existing Google or Apple account, or just enter your email and we’ll send you a one-time login code. Simpler and much more secure.

Click here or on the “Get started” button on to sign up, or download the iOS app.

2. Get a room

Use your name or any word really – your room is like your Whereby calling card. Make it your own with different background colours and patterns.

All rooms are locked by default to keep you safe. Guests will knock to be let in so you are in full control of who’s allowed into your room. No interruptions. No intruders!

3. Tell the world

Invite guests by sharing your url. It’s simply Your own little space on the internet.

There’s no need for you or your guests to download anything, and your room link stays the same every time you meet. No more generating new links for every meeting. Simple!

Sign up for free

Oh. Free users can only create one room on their account for up to 4 participants. If you want to create more than one room or invite more guests, you'll need to subscribe to our Pro or Business plan.

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