Host the ultimate virtual New Year’s Eve party

Don’t let 2020 stop your New Year’s Eve celebrations completely. Read on to discover top tips for holding a virtual end of year party that’ll ring you in to 2021 brilliantly.

Virtual parties offer endless possibilities. With these quick tips and smart ideas you’ll have a great, hassle-free party on your hands (even if you're organizing it last-minute!)

Give your space a makeover

Start decorating your rooms - both your Whereby room and the room you’re in. String up fairy lights, birthday flags, bunting or light some candles to add some fun to your surroundings. Then, as a final flourish, decorate your Whereby room with a festive background. Now you’re just one click away from inviting all your friends and family to the party.

Celebrate around the clock

The beauty of the virtual New Year’s Eve is you can celebrate the countdown in different time zones and spend it with those you usually wouldn’t be able to. Watch the countdown together and share your screen in your Whereby room. Find a timer like this one, and hit the screen share button. It’s a great way to share this moment with different people, whether they’re in Tokyo, Tromso or Tampa Bay.

Karaoke night

Get everyone dancing and singing on New Year’s Eve with some karaoke. Using the YouTube integration, transform your room into a virtual karaoke bar. There are plenty of karaoke songs and playlists ready on YouTube. Line up some of the classics and get everyone to join in.

Crack out the classics

Party games are always a great way to get everyone in the mood for a good time. The party game ‘What am I?’ is an easy and fun game to play virtually. Use this random word generator for the words – and to make sure no one is cheating! When you need to act out the word, you can mute yourself so you don't accidentally spill the beans when it’s your turn.

Need more festive games inspiration? Find them here.

There’s no party without a DJ

Get the party started with a playlist that makes your feet move. Ask everyone to share their favourite music and create a playlist. Use the audio share feature in your Whereby room so everyone can listen to the same music, wherever they are.

Watch the fireworks together

In keeping with the theme of 2020, end-of-year firework displays will be broadcast on live streams so no one has to miss out on the “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing. Share the livestream through the screen share feature and enjoy the same firework show with everyone. If you’re celebrating across different time zones, watch different firework shows to keep the party going all day and night.

To make it even easier for you to be close to your loved ones this year, Whereby is gifting everyone free, unlimited Whereby rooms that can host 50 people, until January 8th, 2020. Access your XL room here.

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