5 Ways Breakout Groups Make Virtual Meetings More Fun

We recently released our latest feature, Breakout Groups – the easiest way to team up, break out, and collaborate in virtual meetings. While we’ve written a lot about the work-related benefits of Breakout Groups, we haven’t talked as much about the fun stuff you can do. And boy, is there a lot of fun to be had.

In this post, we’ll give you some inspo for how you can use Breakout Groups to 10× the good times at your next virtual event. And if you have some smart ideas of your own, we want to hear them! Tweet us @whereby for eternal praise and gratitude.

1. Poker night

Who doesn’t love a good poker tournament? No one, that’s who. Set up different Breakout Groups for each online poker table, then battle through the night to become the ultimate poker champion.

If you want to make a real night of it, we recommend dressing in your best tux or fanciest dress. Or perhaps laying on a huge buffet for yourself to really get that Las Vegas hotel experience.

2. House party

If your birthday party’s become a virtual affair due to the pandemic (or because your friendship group is, like, so international), not to worry. You can host a house party in all its remote glory on Breakout Groups.

Create breakouts for all the classic party destinations: living room, garden, kitchen (where all the best conversations happen, right?) and toilet queue (for that true jigging-around-while-needing-to-pee party experience). Then let people wander in and out of rooms, enjoying your impeccably-curated playlists in each space.

3. Trivia night

We’re all missing pub quizzes at the moment. But with a little help from Breakout Groups, and a quick trip out to buy some beers, you can make it happen from your own home. Bonus: you don’t even need to leave the sofa!

Try creating several Breakout Groups, and assigning a host to manage the questions. Through the broadcast feature, the host will be able to broadcast the questions to all groups at once. Like a standard pub trivia night but with a fruity twist.

4. At-home music festival

With music festivals being cancelled left, right and center, you’re probably starting to crave that summer festival fix. So why not create your own mini Glastonbury Festival, with different friends providing the music in each Breakout Group? You can even wear tie dye, wellies, and copious amounts of glitter for the full experience.

Name each breakout after a different stage (you might want to take inspiration from Phoebe Bridgers, who has a habit of performing in her bathtub), then let meeting participants wander from room to room – preferably with a tepid cider in hand.

5. Chess tournament

Yep, we all want to be chess pros after watching The Queen’s Gambit. So if you and your friends have started nurturing your inner Garry Kasparov, now’s the time to test it out in a tournament setting – with the help of Breakout Groups.

Just pick your favourite chess website, share your screen, and you’ll have concocted your very own at-home chess tournament. But who’ll be the final person to call ‘checkmate’? We’re rooting for you.

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