Top Video Call Features for Telehealth & Mental Health Platforms

Our Solutions Engineer, Nick, walks you through some of the most useful features for Telehealth and Mental Health platforms.

Healthcare has undergone a significant transformation in the last few years. When Covid-19 spread across the globe, and people were forced into isolation and lockdowns, many industries had to adapt their ways of working; the healthcare industry was no exception. People still needed to speak to their GP or therapist, they still needed physiotherapy appointments. Rapid adaptation and transformation was required to enable that, and technology was the key. 

As the world came out of lockdown, many of these new ways of working have stuck and continued to grow. There is huge potential in the healthcare space for technology to enable and improve efficiencies of care as well as provide access to those who may have struggled previously. In the mental health space for example, research shows that online therapy can be as effective as in-person services for treating mental health disorders (Frontiers).

At Whereby, we’re proud to work with key companies that are transforming the Telehealth and Mental Health sectors. By relying on Whereby for their video conferencing technology, these innovative platforms can focus on providing the best care possible across the globe.

We’re continuing to build new features and improve our experience for these customers, but we have some great features that can be used today to create a world-class experience for both patients and practitioners. 

Watch the video below where our Solutions Engineer, Nick, walks you through some of the most useful features for Telehealth and Mental Health platforms.

Tip 1: Waiting rooms

Tip number one is creating your rooms as locked to provide a waiting room experience for your patients. By setting ‘isLocked” to True in your API request,  it creates a pre-call review where your users can adjust their devices as well as knock to gain entry. You can set a custom waiting room background or you can turn the background off entirely using the URL parameter ?background=off if you want to showcase your site's branding.

How to customize your meeting rooms to your brand

Tip 2: Knocking & Hold messages

Tip number two is knocking and hold messages.There's no passwords or time restraint for your users to be able to join their rooms. They knock at the door similar to a real life office experience. The patient can knock, and then on the clinician side, they have the option to put them on hold and send them a brief message.

Tip 3: Meeting Timer

Tip number three is our meeting timer. Meeting timer can be a great way to set expectations with patients, and to stay on the same page from a time management perspective. It’s a great way to make sure you're keeping everything running on schedule.

Tip 4: Simplified Interface

Tip number four is creating a simplified user experience by customizing the interface to your liking. In the meeting room by default we have quite a few buttons and toggles out of the box for controlling different features and settings. By adding the URL parameter, ?minimal=on, the interface is simplified by removing some of the toggles and buttons. There are lots of options that you can add, or turn on or off in order to have the experience that you'd like for your patients.

Tip 5: HIPAA compliant setup

And tip number five is our HIPAA compliant setup. This uses out of the box features that are already available within Whereby. But using the correct recipe of those features, you can create rooms that are completely HIPAA approved. We request that you sign a Business Associate Agreement with us, at no additional cost to our customers that are on an annual plan. 

Please reach out to your Whereby contact, either via support at or by emailing your Customer Success Manager, and we can get the process started to make sure you feel confident in implementing HIPAA compliant rooms.

With the digital mental health industry set to grow by 20.3% each year until 2030 (Market Research Future), we are delighted to be on this journey with our Telehealth customers and to support them in creating the future of healthcare. 

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