Schools Move to Virtual Learning

As more industries move online permanently, e-learning is finding its place with the help of video conferencing.

Education as we know it is changing. Teachers can now give assignments using apps, students can join class discussions online, and feedback can be given digitally. As more classrooms become paperless, demand for virtual alternatives will start to increase, but what does this mean for the future of schools? Showbie, the Canadian-based remote learning company, has answered just that. Having recently integrated Whereby into their website, they’re expanding how teachers and schools are able to support virtual learning.

Virtual learning

Showbie is a platform that delivers real time lessons and inspires creativity through paperless teaching. Teachers can create assignments and grade them using voice messages or one-on-one video chats. This enables them to help students of different levels much more easily. When schools were closed due to COVID-19, supporting the teachers and students through video was a must-have for Showbie.

Fast integration

Hundreds of thousands of teachers and students worldwide use Showbie, so they needed to be able to integrate a video tool hassle-free into their apps—fast. A similar change was forecasted to take years to complete.

"It would have taken five years for us to build our own native video conferencing platform into Showbie, but with Whereby’s API we can integrate it straight away, and with no hurdles”, comments Colin Bramm, CEO & Founder of Showbie.

Safe and secure

Showbie is used by many users worldwide, which meant they needed to guarantee their security when using video meetings. Whereby has been able to provide Showbie’s users with safe and secure use of video through our GDPR compliant, end-to-end encryption and customer friendly privacy policy. Parents and teachers don’t have to worry about the safety of the students and their children.

Digital classroom

Rather than being a burden, technology is a powerful tool for educating students. Learning through the use of different devices helps students become prepared for the technology-driven future. Despite this new way of learning, one-on-one contact with students is important. Whereby helps teachers maintain the classroom feeling in the digital world. Teachers can better guide and help their students via a one-on-one video meeting. Students can also easily engage with their classmates through one-click.

Want to add video meetings to your platform or app? Get started with Whereby Embedded for free today.

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