What’s New in Whereby: Waiting Rooms, Better Breakout Groups, German and So Much More

What’s new in Whereby? We're glad you asked. Check out all the latest video meetings features right here.

It’s been a BIG month at Whereby to say the least. Our product and engineering teams have been hard at work adding new features to make Whereby even better for you. Maybe just one reason we were recently named the easiest to use video conferencing platform by G2 for the fourth quarter in a row 😉

So why do people keep choosing Whereby for their video meetings? Keep reading to learn about our recent updates:

Waiting Rooms 

Just because you’re not meeting in person doesn’t mean first impressions don’t matter. With Whereby’s newest feature: Waiting Rooms, you now have the ability to add a profile photo, bio, pronouns, local timezone, and background image. You can also add a personal note for your guests to let them know you’re running a few minutes late or to add the meeting agenda. 

You can learn more about Waiting Rooms here.

100-person Meeting Rooms, Zero Time Limits

Our Pro plan just got bigger and better. At no extra cost, rooms in the Pro plan can now host up to 100 people with zero time limits! That means bigger, better meetings for as long as you want.

Pro plan customers also have the ability to record all video calls, add custom branding to their meeting rooms, create custom meeting room subdomains, and much more.

You can find out more about our updated Pro plan here. 

Hide Self View 

Research shows that watching or being watched by others on video is exhausting, and that includes seeing yourself constantly on video too. Combat video fatigue with Whereby’s “hide self view” by removing yourself from the video grid. 

To do so, click the three dots on your video screen then select “Pop out.” Your video will now appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Next click the > to the left of your video to hide yourself. 

Hiding your own video can help you:

  • 🧠 Beat video meeting fatigue

  • 👓 Focus on the conversation

  • 🔋 Conserve energy

And even though you won’t be able to see your own lovely face, everyone else on the call still can! 

Learn how to combat video fatigue in virtual meetings here.

Better-than-ever Breakout Groups

When you need to make a big decision, large meetings aren’t usually that helpful. That’s why we love Breakout Groups. They allow you to split up your larger meeting into smaller subgroups before coming back together as one cohesive group. With Breakout Groups you can turn big meetings into smaller sidebars to help you reach decisions faster. And what’s even better? You can now host up to 20 Breakout Groups at a time. 

Want to try Breakout Groups for yourself? Learn more and get started here.

Whereby is Now Available in German 🇩🇪

Hallo freunde 👋 We’re happy to announce that Whereby is now available in German. To update your language settings, go to your Whereby room and change your language under General settings. 

Ready to try out all this newness? Get started with better video meetings for FREE now.

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