Introducing Our All New Whereby Embedded Help Center

We launched a brand new help center for Whereby Embedded. Get all the answers you're looking for and more now.

Earlier this month Whereby’s support team (including yours truly) launched a brand new support center related to all things Whereby Embedded

So what does this change mean for you? Well, we’re now better equipped to help you help yourself. As always, our support team is standing at the ready to help whenever you need, but if there’s a self-serve solution or something you’d like to quickly address, you can head to our help docs for all the support you need.Our new center covers everything Whereby Embedded including:

Each of these pages includes detailed information plus User Guides for developers and business users alike on a range of topics including iFraming, API keys, product integrations, and much more. We also have existing Developer Documentation for the more tech-savvy among us 😊

We’re thrilled to release this new resource to our community of users. As always, if there’s something you can’t find an answer to in one of these guides, or you simply need more hands-on support, you can reach out to the Whereby team at

Happy meeting!

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