10 Fun Ideas for Your Virtual Christmas Party

Looking for inspiration for your virtual Christmas party? With these 10 ideas Whereby helps you celebrate the holidays together from wherever you are.

With many teams working remotely, it's more important than ever to spend some (virtual) social time together. And what better way to celebrate the end of the year than with a virtual Christmas party!

We’ve lined up 10 ideas to help you have a successful virtual Christmas party.

1. Holiday costume dress-up

Holiday sweaters, Santa hats, or reindeer antlers. A holiday costume dress-up competition is a great way to spark laughter and kick off a party. All there’s left, is to decide who has the best outfit.

2. Holiday trivia quiz

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to bring people together. Make a quiz about the many holidays worldwide and test your friends’ or team members’ knowledge. There are also ready made quizzes that you can find online, for instance, on Kahoot! Use Breakout Groups to get people into teams.

There are plenty of online games you can use at your virtual Christmas party. You can also try out online charades or a Whereby favorite - pictionary. You can even use our Miro integration to play straight from your Whereby room!

3. Make a holiday playlist

Every party needs music. Typically, parties have one DJ, but with virtual parties, everyone can chip in. Create a holiday playlist on Spotify and ask everyone to add their favorite songs.

During the party, you can use the audio share feature in your Whereby room. That way, everyone hears the same music playing in the background.

4. Host a virtual card exchange

E-cards don’t waste any paper, but they’re just as fun to receive as the physical holiday cards.

If you’re in a crafty mood, you can ask everyone to create their own cards. Canva is an easy-to-use tool and lets the creativity run free.

5. Use festive Snap Cam filters

Liven up the virtual Christmas party with Snap Cam filters allowing you to dress up as pretty much anything you can think of.

6. Use different rooms for your party

If you want to replicate a house party, you can use Breakout groups to create different zones, representing different rooms of the house, each with different themes. All guests can drop in and out of each room depending on what mood they are in. You could have a disco room for dancing and music, a games room or a room for casual chatting and drinks.

7. Celebrate a variety of holidays

December is a month full of different holidays. Use the virtual party as a chance to celebrate other holidays too. You could ask people who celebrate different holidays to prepare a special activity. It could be anything from making a traditional meal, performing a dance, or playing a game.

8. Virtual secret Santa

For many, Secret Santa is a popular social activity in the holiday season. Luckily, it can also be done virtually. You can pick names with an online gift exchange generator, and then send the presents home to each other.  Once everyone has received their gifts you can open them together at the virtual Christmas party.

9. Festive baking competition

If you’re into gingerbread bake-offs and cookie decorating competitions, you can take them to our virtual Christmas parties. At the party, everyone can decorate the goodies together and share their creations If you don’t want to do it during the party, you could ask everyone to decorate their cookies beforehand and upload the pictures to a group or a shared photo album. You can then find the winner through an online poll and announce it at the party.

10. Awards ceremony

A great way of throwing an awards ceremony is to have ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ awards. The official awards highlighting great work, achievements, and good spirits. The unofficial awards are, on the other hand, more good-humored and can award teammates for ‘Biggest video call blunder’, ‘Best pet interruption’, or ‘Best video backdrop’.

Whereby makes it easy for you to spread joy and celebrate the holidays. With just one click, you can invite everyone to your virtual party and celebrate the holidays together.

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