Why we’re sunsetting Live Chat

After hearing from our Meetings customers, we realized that there are better ways to provide support than live chat support.

This article is about Whereby Meetings. 

In 2019, live chat support was all the rage in the support world. Later that year, we as a support team decided to launch live chat in hopes it would deliver a better customer experience. 

Fast forward a few years later, we found that live chat didn’t work for us as a team or for our Meetings customers. That's why we decided to no longer provide live chat support as of August 1st 2022.

Over the years we attempted to bring more visibility to live chat but saw few to no results in our efforts. We were always anxiously waiting for the chats to come in. 

As a support team we wanted to learn more about why our customers weren’t live chatting. Last month we conducted a survey on what support methods our customers prefer: email, live chat or other communication methods. 

The survey results let us know the following:

  • Email is more convenient and secure

  • It’s difficult to use live chat support while in a meeting 

  • Customers who prefer live chat love the fast response and the easier interaction

  • A majority of customers wouldn’t be affected by turning off live chat support

These results allow us to see where we can improve our support. Turning off live chat will allow us to provide support in meaningful ways. 

We are happy to announce that we will:

  • Improve our self-service guides to be more interactive

  • Prioritize emails based off sense of urgency

As a team, we’re glad we were able to try live support. But seeing as it didn’t provide support for our customers we’ll focus our efforts on providing support through different channels in a meaningful way. We appreciate all customers who have provided feedback about our support. 

You can find FAQs in our support center and all product launches here.  

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