What’s new on Whereby: May 2020

We love hearing from our users about the product features you want the most so let us know how we can improve the Whereby experience for you. Here are just some of the new features we launched in May.

Better mute controls

Ever need the rest of your team to quiet down? We’ve just launched the ability to mute the audio or video of another participant - or even a whole room. Just click on the person and choose the mute button. They’ll be able to unmute themselves whenever they need to. To mute an entire meeting room, click on ‘People’ and it’ll give you the option to mute all participants.

Start meetings from Slack

We’re a fully remote-working team here at Whereby and one of our favorite tools for collaborating across time zones is Slack. So we’re especially excited to announce that you can now start a Whereby meeting directly from any Slack channel, just by typing /whereby. Add the Whereby app to your Slack workspace here.

Keep meetings on time

Want to see how long a meeting has been running for? You can now add a meeting timer to any of your rooms, by enabling it from the menu button in the top right corner of the screen. It’ll show you how long it’s been since the first person joined the meeting. This should help keep your agenda on track and stop meetings from over-running. Once enabled, it will show for all calls in that room, until you turn it off.

Going international

Whereby now has users in every single country in the world so we’re very pleased to have launched fully translated meeting experiences for our Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese speaking users. When you next go to start a Whereby meeting, change your language settings to the right option for you in the top left corner. Plus, meetings will automatically switch to your browser settings if you already use one of those languages. We’ll be adding even more languages in the near future too.

Embed Whereby in your product

Did you know you can embed a Whereby video meeting in your website or app? The API team has been busy working with healthcare, education and events companies around the world to create bespoke video solutions for their customers. If you’d like to work with us on tailoring Whereby’s unique technology to your business needs, get in touch.

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