Planet-friendly brands we love

Products and brands that give back to the world around us.

Ocean Bottle

Ocean plastic is expected to double by 2030 - most of it (75%+) from high levels of mismanaged waste.

Ocean Bottle decided to do something about it, creating consumer water bottle bottles that help save our oceans. With every sale they fund a collection equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles and stop them from entering the ocean, as well as helping to develop recycling infrastructure in coastal communities around the world. The plastic collected is exchanged for money or credit via blockchain technology to spend on tuition, tech, goods, health care or access to microfinance.

They offer five colors, inspired by the planet. Check them out.

Conscious Step

Every step you take supports a cause you believe in, literally.

Conscious Step socks are crafted from sustainable cotton, with each pair supporting a different cause. The best part about it? The cause you support is designed on your footwear! Everyone of all ages can get involved, with designs that help build homes, protect LGBTQ+ lives, provide water, and more.


Every time you search the internet, help plant a tree. Ecosia is a browser-based search engine that lets you do just that. The company’s profits are used to help plant greenery in different parts of the world and help the local economy, too. Most importantly, they don’t sell your data to advertisers and have no third party trackers. In our eyes that’s a win-win. Keep an eye out for Tree Card as well. Ecosia is helping to power the debit card made from sustainably sourced cherry wood. Not only does it look good, it does good too: every purchase made with it helps plant trees.

Too Good To Go

It’s all in the name - serving perfectly good surplus food and reducing waste. Too Good To Go helps business owners, shops and restaurants reduce their food waste — with over a third of what’s produced going to waste. To Good To Go steps in by allowing companies to sell their quality, professionally prepared leftover food from the day. Through the app everyone can reserve a Too Good To Go meal in their local area.


Blueland creates washing products that help keep your house clean (and the environment, too).

By 2050, scientists predict that the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish — and something Blueland is determined to help fight. They create products that are people friendly, and friendly to the environment. Their bottles are made of glass, so no extra plastic waste is produced when you need a refill. Their soap tablets are packaging-free and are environmentally-friendly, and their dish soap comes in a simple, powder form that can be sprinkled onto your sponge — add a little water and it’s ready to use. So fresh, so clean!

Forest app

Stay focused and plant a forest. This distraction-busting app helps you to focus on the tasks at hand — and offers the chance to help the environment whilst you get your head down, too. Open up the app, set your study time, and watch a tree grow in front of your eyes — or, if you break your focus time, watch it whither and die! Every 30 minutes of uninterrupted flow helps plant a tree — so you’ve got double the reason to get your work done. Forest partners with tree planting organizations and helps plant foliage all over the globe — over 1 million trees have been planted so far.

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