People who swear by Whereby

Read customer testimonials about Whereby, the easy-to-use, in-browser video meeting tool with no downloads required.

We’re very lucky to have users who sing our praises. Of course, we blush, we say ‘no, no, you’re special’. But sometimes we have to hold up our hands and share it.

If you’ve seen the Parks and Recreation reunion, you’ll know video calling has found a new home in film and television production. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got a treat coming. Ricky Plows at Tatata Studios has been using Whereby to collaborate and innovate in the industry. Just what we like to hear.

"Because the barriers of entry are removed on Whereby (sign ups, linking social accounts, downloading software) you can quickly enter a discussion with your filmmakers and solve the tasks. Filmmaking is a fast-paced industry and any tool or device that can simplify and streamline the process is worth its weight in gold."

Meal box heroes have been helping many of us eat healthily during the pandemic, right? Giles Humphries, cofounder of Mindful Chef, found Whereby the “perfect solution” when the company moved to remote working. But more than that. They found connection.

“We believe it’s important for our team to have a good work life balance and we really appreciate that about Whereby’s values as well. With a lot of things going online, including food shopping, it’s nice to work with tech where you can feel the human connection.”

And while we’re being mindful, Craig Gilbert, mindfulness practitioner was used to visiting groups and businesses to lead sessions. But come the pandemic, things had to change.

Live Whereby sessions? Check. Sharing videos recorded in Whereby? Indeed.

"If not for Whereby, my small self-employed business would have gone under in 2020.”

And we mentioned puppies, so it’s time we got to that before you start a revolution. Heather Ward, puppy trainer, moved her business to Whereby when she was no longer able to correct those doggo’s behaviour in person.

“After the very first online session I could see it was definitely going to work. That's when I started to get excited!”

So you see, Whereby delivers. Try it out for yourself now. Sign up here.

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