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We believe it shouldn’t matter where work happens. As a fully flexible remote team, we’re on a mission to give people the freedom to work and live where they thrive.

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Whereby is made by a team of passionate people in the small, independent company Video Communication Service AS and parent company Videonor AS. The journey started in 2013 when the service was called appear.in, and started as a summer intern project inside Norwegian telecom company Telenor. In 2017 we spun out and found a new home with Videonor as owners.

Videonor was started in the small coastal town of Måløy on the most rugged Western point of Norway, with 2000 inhabitants. The main investors are a local family office, who built up a very successful shipyard and then have actively invested in building up more than 80 jobs in IT in the local community, including one of Europe’s largest data centers. We live our vision every day and work to extend the privileges of the flexible working culture to everyone.

Our team is now spread across 12 locations, yet works side by side every day. Some live in big cities, and some reside in smaller towns, but wherever they are, it’s where they thrive. If they decide to move, their job goes with them. Everyone in our team enjoys the enormous benefits a flexible work policy brings, and we truly believe that the future of work will gravitate in this direction. We choose to work from the locations where we can live a fulfilling work-life-balance. Learn more about how we make flexible working work.

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