The Future of Hybrid Events

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Annie Ekins

Annie Ekins
Head of Success at Whereby

Ashley Jenkins

Ashley Jenkins
Events Manager at Miro

Luke Richardson

Luke Richardson
Director of Brand and Comms at Pleo

Mats Mileblad

Mats Mileblad
CEO at vVenues


This webinar aired on Thursday, April 7, 2022


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Why Hybrid Events Are Here to Stay

As the world opens back up, hybrid events are more popular than ever, and it appears they’re here to stay. In fact, Harvard Business Review reports that over 50% of corporate event attendees consider hybrid events the ideal format moving forward. 

According to experts in the industry, the success of virtual components has cemented hybrid events as a convenient, flexible, and inclusive event format that will stand the test of time. Event planners who use both physical and virtual elements to create an experience that’s engaging, entertaining, and interactive will continue to take the industry by storm. 

In our latest book The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events we shared everything there is to know about hybrid events and how to host your own.

But where will hybrid events go next? That’s what we’ll talk about during this webinar. 

You’ll hear from Ashley Jenkins, Events Manager at Miro, Luke Richardson, Director Brand & Comms at Pleo, Mats Mileblad, CEO at vVenues and Annie Ekins, Interim Head of Customer Success at Whereby, as they talk through their experiences and thoughts on the future of hybrid events. 

In this hour-long webinar we’ll discuss:

  • What does a hybrid event look like in practice?

  • How can you create immersive, inclusive experiences for event attendees? 

  • How are leaders including hybrid events in their strategies? 

  • What aspects of hybrid events should we pay more attention to? 

  • Q & A and more!  

Hybrid events are more popular than ever. But what’s next? Learn more about how to get started in this 60-minute recorded webinar.

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