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Hybrid meetings that feel like
you’re all in the same room

Run effortless hybrid meetings with our Co-Location Groups feature. Multiple laptops in the same room, all mics on, no problem. An inclusive, enjoyable experience for distributed teams.

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Say goodbye to Echo

Our co-location tech means everyone can use their laptop and keep their mic on. Don’t worry – we’ll kick Echo out the room.

Pricey hardware?
You’ve already got it!

Forget about pricey video conferencing systems. All you need is your laptop. (You’re welcome, finance team.)

Multiple offices? No problem

Combine multiple co-located groups with remote workers joining from home (or the beach) by setting up multiple groups for your entire team.

Sharing isn’t always caring

No more squeezing in front of a camera or passing a laptop around. Everyone can use their own camera and mic. Creating seamless, inclusive meetings – and no awkward angles.

The simplicity you
expect from Whereby

Add people in the same space to the same Co-Location Group, then start chatting. It’s as easy as pie.

An inclusive experience for everyone, anywhere

At Whereby, we believe in a world in which anywhere works. A world where everyone can work where they thrive, whether it’s from the comfort of their home, an office, or a co-working space. That’s why we offer a great meeting experience that’s productive and hassle-free for all participants. With our hybrid meeting tech, everyone feels equally included – whether or not they’re in the room.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing 🙂. The Co-Location Groups feature is now available in all Whereby Meetings plans, both free and paid. There is no additional cost to use it.

  • Is this available in Whereby Embedded?

    At the moment, it is only available in our Whereby Meetings plans. We are looking into making it available for Embedded customers soon.

  • Will it work in noisy environments?

    We recommend using co-location groups in a quiet environment such as a meeting room or quiet corner of a co-working space. After all, the best meetings happen in a place where you can focus on the meeting!

  • How many co-located groups can I set up?

    You can create up to 10 different groups for different offices and teams.

Ready to kick Echo out of the room?