The easiest way to bring people together

Whereby is made to work straight in the browser on your phone or laptop - no downloads needed. Perfect for inviting internal and external participants.

  • Include everyone

    Features like chat and reactions help shy team members give valuable input during a meeting without interrupting the speaker.

  • Stay in control

    All rooms are locked by default. Guests have to knock to be let in. You are in control of who’s allowed into your room. All rooms can be unlocked for easy access.

  • Breakout Groups

    The easiest way to team up, break out, and collaborate.

  • Fit your whole team

    Fill the room with up to 50 participants at the same time. We’ve designed it to manage both the bandwidth and screen space - with 12 on stage with the rest listening, while contributing with audio, chat, and reactions.

  • Bring them along

    See your meeting guests while you explore other tabs and websites with Picture in Picture.

  • Manage your rooms

    As the host, you're always in control.

    • Mute members
    • Ask members to unmute
    • End meeting for all
  • Make it yours

    Make your meeting and waiting rooms a part of your company by branding them with your logo and colors. Available on both Pro and Business.

  • Part of your workflow

    Integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, so you can make any meeting a Whereby meeting with one click.

Plus, everything you’d expect

  • GDPR compliant

    Following EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU).

  • Recording

    Never miss a meeting again. Record locally, download and share.

  • Screensharing

    Easy screen sharing allows teams to quickly resolve questions, workshop ideas, and pitch to clients.

  • YouTube integration

    Watch YouTube videos in your room together.

  • Google Docs integration

    Collaborate on the same Google document in your room together.

  • Mobile support

    Join from your phone via browser or through our iOS app

Video meetings with your team and clients from wherever you do your work