The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events

What they are, how they work,
and why they’re here to stay.

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Adapting Meetings Overnight to Fit a Remote-first World

When COVID took hold in early 2020, in-person events came to a halt. Thousands of events around the globe that were regular places for people to network, meet and share knowledge - were no longer allowed. Meeting in big groups was unsafe, forcing the industry to find new ways to bring people together. 

But it didn’t take too long before events found a new life online. Benefits of online events were quickly recognised; they were less expensive, easier to attend, and measurable in ways in-person-only events had never been. Digital events are more inclusive and flexible, and could continue well beyond the return to our collective “new normal”.

With the world opening back up, hybrid events - which offer both in-person and virtual components for attendees, are more popular than ever. In fact, Harvard Business Review reports that over 50% of corporate event attendees consider hybrid events the ideal format moving forward.

In this book, you’ll learn all there is to know about hybrid events and how to create your own. You’ll walk away with knowledge and strategies including:

  • - Why hybrid events are the future

  • - How to throw an amazing hybrid event 

  • - How to create inclusive experiences for event attendees

  • - And much more!

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The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events

In this book you'll learn what hybrid events are, how they work, and why they’re here to stay, along with tips on how to host your own hybrid event. Fill in the form to get this e-book to your inbox.