How Lido Learning Uses Whereby to Run Classes on its Education Platform

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Lido Learning is daring to answer the question few are brave enough to ask: Can education be exciting… and even fun?

The average class size in India, where the company is based, is 30 students. This setup can make learning feel impersonal at best and inaccessible at worst. Differences in geographic and economic diversity only compound these issues, making it difficult for students in rural or economically-challenged areas to access quality education. 

Lido Learning is solving these problems with its education platform. Nishu Goyal, the company’s Chief Technology Officer explains, “We’re building a platform that enables a small classroom size—six students per class. We want every child to get the attention they deserve, and we want to help educators move away from rote learning with a tool that’s much more personalized and interactive.”

The search for the right software

In order to deliver on this goal, Lido Learning needed a video conferencing solution that would provide more opportunities for personalized interaction on their platform. A tool that could support seamless, two-way communication, even in low-bandwidth environments was what they needed. 

In the early days, the company prototyped a number of desktop and browser-based solutions, eventually opting to build their own in-house solution with a third-party developer. 

However, it was clear that the video solution was taking up too much developer bandwidth; senior developers were building and maintaining a video meeting infrastructure, which took too much of their time. “Whereby’s video expertise helped us reach high volumes in a short amount of time, without compromising the quality of Lido’s platform,” says Nishu. 

After trying out a different video conferencing service, Nishu found Whereby. “It was feature-rich for an online classroom,” says Nishu. “Most of the features were drop-in replacements for what we already had without the need for do-it-ourselves maintenance. It had a whiteboard, emojis, and Picture in Picture already built in.” 

When it came to testing Whereby with Lido Learning’s users, Nishu’s team took a tiered approach, rolling it out to 5% of their user base over a weekend. The integration went off without a hitch, and the testing and prototypes proved that the connectivity was stable, with better video quality than they previously had. “We ran a pilot with some of our students and teachers and they loved it,” says Nishu. “Teachers found the platform to be super intuitive, and it improved their ability to interact with their students.”

Using Whereby also provided a number of more quantifiable benefits. For one, it reduced costs by 40% compared to the prior solution they tried. The embedded nature of Whereby’s solution also completely eliminated the need to have four senior developers maintaining the video conferencing software. Finally, Nishu noted that there was a 10% reduction in audio and video quality issues, compared with the solution they were using before.

A seamless, secure solution

Today, Lido Learning runs hundreds of thousands of classes per month using Whereby’s embedded mode, and Nishu couldn’t be happier with it. “We use it to run animated videos, interactive games, and a personalized homework platform,” says Nishu. “It also allows us to focus on project-based learning, and most importantly, the teachers are really inspired by what they can do with it.”

Great features are only half the battle, though, and Nishu has been relieved that Whereby delivers on his number one concern: classroom security. “That’s always top-of-mind for us,” he says, “And the fact that Whereby is embedded and encrypted means we’re safe from video-bombing.” There are great security features for teachers as well, who can screen and delete any inappropriate messages if students try to send them through the chat feature.

In addition to the out-of-the-box features, Nishu and his team have worked directly with Whereby’s team to develop a new feature for their own use cases. Teachers are given the ability to take control of the chat and can delete any messages to stop inappropriate behavior. Along with their users, the Lido team also adopted the solution internally, using it for sales, training, and company events.

Above and beyond a great experience

While Whereby has done a great job of providing a video solution in Lido Learning’s  platform, Nishu is especially pleased with the unexpected benefits the company has experienced. The responsiveness of the interface, for example, has been a nice surprise. “We can easily play around with dimensions for different audiences and devices to see what works best,” says Nishu. 

And when they have questions, they know they’ll be answered quickly – sometimes without even having to ask. “Whereby’s customer support has been amazing,” says Nishu. “There’s been a lot of proactive support related to bug fixes and feature requests. The understanding from the product and support teams is exceptional.”

Another surprise benefit has been the level of analysis that Whereby enables. Real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) support allows Nishu and his team to use smart analytics while classes are taking place, allowing them to measure student attention and participation. They also get metrics on class details, like joining and exits, which aids in automating attendance features.

Built for growth

Now that Lido Learning has found a video meeting partner, Nishu is confident that Lido Learning can parlay its wins into even bigger goals for the future. “Whereby has continued to expand with us as our needs have grown,” he says. 

In the next few years, Lido Learning aims to expand across the globe. “We’re confident that Whereby will be there to scale with us,” says Nishu. “We have features we plan to build with them that will let us deliver the best learning experience to students: one that’s convenient, distraction-free, secure and safe.”

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