Solutions to help you say “no” to meetings

Because sometimes a better meeting is no meeting at all.

We’re not trying to be controversial when we, a video meetings company, suggest you try saying “no” to video meetings.

We actually mean it.

Sometimes, a better meeting is no meeting at all. Constantly jumping from one task to another with no breathing room makes it harder to think clearly, find flow, and do good work. Instead, it stresses us out, slows us down, and can make us less productive.

Below, we’ve put our heads together and drummed up our favourite non-meeting alternatives that still let you and your team collaborate, create, and ideate together — without the need to jump on a call.

Try Loom

No... not weaving. Loom allows you and your team to record videos of your screen, your camera, or both. Whether it’s an introduction to a project, a product status update, or simply an email you can’t find the space on your schedule to type, sending a video recording using Loom not only saves you time, it also means you can do it in your own time, too.

Ditch daily status meetings

Prepping for a big launch? Looking to find out what everyone’s up to? Instead of a recurring daily slot in everyone’s schedule, make the most of the host of workplace productivity tools out there. Products like Asana, Trello,, Basecamp and Airtable let entire teams easily track and update each other on what they’re working on.

Slack it

They say a meeting is worth a thousand words (they being, me, the author). However, why not try swapping a video meeting for a quick Slack rundown instead? Async communication means ditching the diary dance — especially handy if your team is spread across timezones, and you can also rope in Slackbot to help set the agenda and keep everyone updated.

Rethink brainstorming sessions

Ah, there’s nothing like being your most creative within a set 45-minute window whilst staring straight at a screen with a handful of other blinking faces. Instead of subjecting yourself to a chorus of “Hmm, maybe”’s, try a long-lead ideas session instead. Share a brief with your team and encourage collaboration through shared tools — Miro, Figma, or even Google Presentations over the course of a few days, or more. That way, everyone is able to contribute when they’re at their most creative, strategic and thoughtful. By giving ideas space to breathe, the hope is your ideas will be, well, better!

...and, if you just *have* to have a meeting

Try hosting it with us. Say “no” to monotonous, monotone meeting spaces and discover the colourful, creative world of Whereby. Designed with Scandinavian simplicity at its heart, the video meeting software creates a calming and productive atmosphere for everyone to do better work in.