Introducing new tiers and pricing for the Business plan

This year has been a very exciting year for us here at Whereby. In January we introduced our new Business plan built from the ground up for teams, after a pilot phase with a handful customers. It has been great to see customers starting to use it at scale, and we are very grateful for all the feedback we have received. In December we are rolling out a major upgrade to our brand and meeting experience.

Based on the insights that users have given us, we are now making changes to the pricing of Business. One comment we consistently get is that the pricing tiers should be more flexible. There’s a big gap between the Pro plan for individuals and the Business plan for teams. If you’re a growing team you need more flexibility; regardless if you’re scaling up or down. We’ve heard this feedback loud and clear, so we’re excited to introduce our new pricing tiers for Business!

The first tier now includes 10 rooms for $59.99. After this, rooms can now be added to your account in 10 room blocks for $50 per block. We wanted to make the pricing more flexible than ever, so Business can grow with your team.

Each user you add to your account will get their own Personal Room, and any remaining rooms in your block are accessible by everyone as Team Rooms. Based on your feedback, we are removing the pre-set allotments for Team and Personal rooms, so you get full freedom over how to use your rooms.

The lower the entry price for Business will enable more teams and small businesses to enjoy all of the features in Business; a dedicated subdomain with custom branding, user administration, recording, large meetings, integrations, calendar integration and a few new experiences we’re cooking up in the labs. Meetings with up to 50 participants are now in beta for Business customers.

We are also developing a Meetings API for companies who want to integrate Whereby deeper into their work processes or their own product. Get in touch if you are interested in this.

We believe that once people get a chance to experience what easy video meetings truly can be on Whereby, they’ll start to use video more for their everyday meetings. The new pricing is designed to encourage adoption within your organization, while keeping costs reasonable for smaller teams. With this added flexibility, we’re sure there’s a plan that will work for your team!

Reach out to one of our account managers today to get started, or click below to set up an account right now: