Find your next car over video chat

Norway’s leading car classified site is now using Whereby video meetings

Norway’s second-hand car market is thriving right now, and many consumers are using to find their next vehicle. But with social distancing becoming a long-term prospect, travelling to view a potential car is not always viable. So we’re excited to reveal that is now using Whereby video meetings to connect its customers with potential sellers.

Trust is essential

Buying a car is a big financial decision and a key milestone in many people’s lives, but there are a number of factors you need to consider. Now that there’s a growing demand for second-hand cars, especially electric, it’s important to create trust between the seller and buyer. So we got together with the team at to tackle the question: how do you recreate the experience of buying a car from a trusted seller using remote video meetings?

View your next car over Whereby

To help the buyer and seller establish a relationship, reduce fraud risks and build trust, Whereby and Finn Bil collaborated on integrating video meetings into Finn Bil’s website. Using the new Whereby Meetings API, Finn Bil now offers the ability for sellers and buyers to enjoy a video call to discuss the vehicle and build a relationship. All person-to-person calls are fully encrypted so customers can be assured that a call is secure and the customer doesn’t have to download any additional software to join the conversation.

Our API allows any business to do the same, embedding video meetings into their products to easily connect with customers in a safe and secure way.

360º virtual car tours

It is important for customers to be able to explain what they find important to a seller and get all the necessary information about the vehicle. During one of Finn Bil’s 360º tours, you’ll be able to check out the car in as much detail as you like, and even zoom into specific areas.

A new easier method

This new feature saves time and energy for both parties. If a customer finds a car they like the look of, but it's located 200km away, it’s so much easier to have a video call with the seller, and get questions answered before they commit to traveling that distance.

Additionally, as a seller, having the opportunity to immediately answer questions and queries can give you an idea of how serious a buyer is. The video calls aren’t limited to one-time meetings only. If either party would like to have another conversation about the car, it’s extremely easy to set up another video call.

Reduce risk

When purchasing a car, it’s important to gather all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Through Finn Bil’s new video meetings, you get to talk to an actual person, discuss what you’re looking for and get a full tour of the car. You can easily build trust and avoid some of the risk that might come with buying a pre-owned vehicle. Finn Bil also gives the option to record your meeting so you have all the information saved.

If you want to find out more about Whereby Meetings API and how it could help your business, you can find more information here.