Announcing our Series A – Where's next for Whereby

We've raised money from some of the world’s best investors, helping us bring better meetings to teams wherever they thrive.

L-R from Top: Elizabeth Yin, Harry Stebbings, Jeff Morris Jr., Hiten Shah, Alex MacCaw, Josh Buckley, Li Jin.

At the start of every year since 2010, we've confidently said this will be the year that video meetings go mainstream.

The versatility and value is undeniable: video enables people to participate in anything from daily stand-ups, to doctor's appointments, to dance classes, wherever they are in the world.

From our homes in Oslo and Måløy, a somewhat remote fishing village on the west coast of Norway, it seemed like a no-brainer. Surely it was only a matter of time before the world embraced video? But year after year, we were wrong. The world wasn't quite ready yet.

In January 2020, I signed off on some rather ambitious growth numbers. Once again, this was going to be the year. Remote work was trending and the world felt bigger than ever. Just two months later, for reasons we couldn't have imagined, we smashed those numbers as usage of Whereby grew by more than 450%.

As the world shut down, people suddenly found themselves separated from friends, family, teachers and colleagues. Overnight, video became an integral part of how we connected, communicated, and collaborated with each other.

The past year has made many of us reevaluate life, work, and everything in between. And whilst much has changed, the need for human connection, be it in our personal lives or at work, remains stronger than ever. Whatever the future brings, we feel certain that video has an important role to play.

Which is why tomorrow's video tools have to provide a more effective and enjoyable experience than today. An experience that leaves people feeling focused and energised, rather than fatigued and zoomed out. One that isn't just as good as meeting in person, but better.

So we have raised money from some of the world’s best investors to create exactly that.

We're so happy and proud to bring on board Point Nine (one of Europe's top VCs) and a group of angel investors* who have founded – or helped grow – companies like Miro, Typeform, GoCardless and Spotify.

Together with our team of over 90 people spread out across 15 countries, we're on a mission to bring better meetings to teams wherever they thrive.

This will be the year.

Want to help? We're hiring!

*Full list of Angel Investors:

  • Jason M. Lemkin - Serial entrepreneur and founder of Saastr
  • John Komkov - Investor @Fathom Capital
  • Harry Stebbings - Founder of 20 Minute VC
  • Jeff Morris Jr - Investor and Founder @ChapterOne, VP Product/Revenue @Tinder
  • Josh Buckley - Entrepreneur and CEO @Producthunt
  • Josh Hannah - Investor
  • Li Jin - Investor @AtelierVentures
  • Jonathan Forster - Founding Member @Spotify
  • Alex MacCaw - Co-founder @Clearbit
  • Matt Robinson - Founder of @GoCardless and @Nested
  • Christian Berg - Chair and CFO at Wilhelmsen Group
  • David Hauser - Entrepreneur and founder of @Chargify, @Grasshopper and @Superfat
  • Hiten Shah - Serial Entrepreneur
  • Mats Diedrichsen - Former CMO @Delivery Hero
  • Elizabeth Yin - Investor @Hustlefund
  • Joey Kotkins - Entrepreneur
  • Robert Munoz - Co-founder @Typeform
  • David Okuniev - Co-founder @Typeform
  • Paolo Negri - Co-founder @Contentful
  • Rich Waldron - CEO
  • Nicolas Dessaigne - Co-founder @Algolia and Investor